Rediscover your sparkle 

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Stella Beauty is a boutique space operated by Cheree Connolly, a passionate beauty therapist with 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. Stella Beauty has been proudly operating in Toowoomba for five years and has been voted among the top beauty salons each year. Stella Beauty specialises in providing beauty services for the busy woman through custom consultation, education and delivery no matter what service you are receiving. The moment you walk through the door you will begin to rediscover your sparkle!

Stella Beauty is known as Toowoomba’s best natural eyelash extensions, your natural lash health is the number one priority. Improperly applied eyelash extensions can and do damage your natural lashes, this can be avoided by ensuring the correct weight and length of extensions are applied. With proper application and aftercare, you can safely wear eyelash extensions for extended periods of time.  

During your appointment, Cheree will work with you to create an individually designed set of lashes that aligns with the look you are after whilst maintaining the health and integrity of your natural lashes. Through an advanced consultation, considering your overall face and eye shape, the end result will reflect who you are as a woman and compliment your natural beauty. 

The salon is conveniently located in Centenary Heights, with onsite car parking. Cheree understands your life is busy and has evening and Saturday appointments that can be instantly booked ONLINE. 

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About Cheree

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Cheree is a diploma qualified beauty therapist, offering a full range of beauty services. However, It is eyelash extensions, brows and makeup that are her specialty. In particular the hand made volume eyelash extension technique. Cheree was trained in the Russian style ( a technique of creating a fan of 3 -7 extensions and placing them onto the natural lash) by Irina Levchuck herself in 2014.  Since then, Cheree has participated in further advanced training with some of the leading educators in the lash industry; LashJoy, Mandy Jeffry and Ellebanna. Ongoing education and up skilling is a core value of Stella Beauty. In an ever changing industry it is important to have access to the latest information and knowledge. You can (lash) nap with ease, knowing your natural lashes are in professionally trained hands.

"Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow"

Perfectly styled brows are the frame for your new lashes. Whilst we all know brows are meant to be sisters and not twins, Cheree will meticulously work on your brows and teach you a few tricks to speed up your morning makeup routine. It is the Stella Beauty belief that your beauty services should speed up your morning routine and get you closer to your morning coffee.  

Cheree will ensure you have an experience you won't soon forget.


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Fun Fact - Cheree loves red wine 

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The "Stella" Philosophy


Every girl, woman and man wants to look and feel their best when they face the world no matter where they come from.As a girl who struggled with self confidence and acne as a teenager and then as a young woman finding her identity in the big wide world. Cheree subconsciously created an alter ego "Stella" (after all even Beyonce has an alter ego "Sasha Fierce") .When she put her spray tan on, her face, hair, outfit and confidence she looked and felt "Stella". In the early days this was more of facade However, through a metamorphosis of self discovery and life experience Cheree and Stella are a combined identity and it has become Cheree's mission to help the everyday woman look and feel STELLA. 

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